About Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue are experts in cloud billing and price risk management, transferring expertise from the physical commodities markets to cloud computing. We are headquartered in London, UK, with customers in the EU and US.


To bring sustainability to IT through efficient pricing


Rational cloud pricing driven by cloud market fundamentals


Any transaction should be priced to be advantageous to both buyer and seller.

Meet The Team

Dr James Mitchell

CEO & Co-Founder

James believes cloud computing can learn lessons from traded commodity markets, comparing it to a hybrid of electricity and coal. Formerly at Morgan Stanley, he holds a doctorate in DNA Nanostructures from Oxford, and an M.Sci. in Physics from Cambridge.

Paul Wilson


Paul builds the technology to support the Cloud Options business, bringing risk management expertise from his background at a leading actuarial software vendor.  As an Imperial College physicist, he also acts as a sense-check to our Pricing Insights.

Mike Smith - COO

Mike Smith


Mike has 35 years of experience in the oil & gas and marine renewables sectors, holding corporate accountability through director and executive roles. His values have shaped Strategic Blue as a responsible, transparent and high performing team.

Aleda Kay

VP Finance

Aleda runs Strategic Blue’s finance and accounting functions. She previously held senior analyst and sales manager roles at Virgin Atlantic Airways, and brings accounting and economics research experience from KPMG and Loughborough University.

Tom Prevarin

Cloud Pricing Analyst

Tom runs our pricing analysis for our Cloud Options trading. He was formerly a senior pricing analyst at Panduit and Electrolux, and holds an MSc in Economics from Trieste University.

Frank Khan Sullivan VP Marketing

Frank Khan Sullivan

VP Marketing

Frank joins us as VP Marketing bringing much experience from the technology startup and digital world. He previously worked with Microsoft and other cloud software vendors. Outside of work, he’s an avid sailor.

Colin David - VP Business Development (Strategic Blue)

Colin David

VP Business Development

Colin is a seasoned business development professional that brings extensive insight and experience from the oil and energy industry to managing our key client relationships.

John Woodley

Board Advisor & Co-Founder

John is a leading authority on commodity market development and the pricing of non-standard pseudo-commodity products. Formerly Co-Head of Power, Gas and Related Utilities at Morgan Stanley, he brings highly relevant experience to our strategic development.

Chris Collings

Board Advisor

Chris has held senior management roles at Deutsche Bank, including Global Head of Strategic FX Structuring. He brings expertise encompassing corporate finance, FX, treasury, environmental financial products and commodities. He currently advises Strategic Blue and the Fine Art Bourse.

Dr Sam Kingston

Board Advisor (Technical)

Sam has held senior management roles at SAIC, Oracle, EDS, Unisys and Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems International) across EMEA and the US. A former CIO for East Midlands Electricity, Sam also has a PhD in Chemistry.

Stuart Simms

Board Advisor (Technical)

Stuart brings multi-cloud experience, having held senior positions at Rackspace, Microsoft and OnApp. Stuart is currently a Managing Director at Digital Media Distribution a channel partner for Strategic Blue.

Rich Miller

Board Advisor (Technical)

Rich Miller is a respected authority on cloud computing in Silicon Valley, advising major cloud providers and innovative startups on both the technical and financial side of cloud innovation.

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