Blue Review

Position your organisation to succeed in the cloud


We assess your organisation’s approach to the cloud, from our unique perspective as cloud pricing, procurement and contracting experts.


The Blue Review includes a rating that indicates where you are in relation to your industry based on organisational vision and likelihood of success.


We support your rating with a clear explanation of where you are doing well, and where improvements could be made within your business.


Most importantly, the Blue Review makes actionable recommendations relating to the way you optimise your interactions with the commoditising cloud market.

The Blue Review

Arm your organisation with the knowledge you need to succeed.
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Who needs a Blue Review?

Cloud Buyers

Do you understand your AWS detailed billing files? Do you check your Azure invoices? Are your RFP processes fit for buying cloud? Do you have tools to map private VMs to public instances?

Cloud Resellers

Are you measuring all the risks of reselling cloud services? Are your contracts fit for purpose? Can you quantify where the price of cloud is going, and how that impacts your business?

Cloud Vendors

How do cloud buyers view your pricing? Is your reseller model fit for purpose? How can pricing help with capacity planning?

Cloud Marketplaces

Are you repeating the mistakes of earlier cloud marketplaces? Have you protected yourself from the risks of cloud reselling? Are your contracts fit for purpose?

Existing AWS User
  • Using AWS or AWS + Azure
  • Analyse Usage Data
  • Analyse RI Commitments
  • Define Procurement Needs
Access Pricing
It's complicated!
  • Migrating to cloud
  • RFP support
  • VM mapping
  • Business case support
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Cloud Seller
MSPs & Resellers
  • Pricing review
  • Billing review
  • Competitive analysis
  • Contract review
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