Cloud Options

Buy cloud services on your preferred terms with no technical changes

Cloud Billing

We invoice our clients on terms designed to suit the client. No credit cards, negotiable payment terms, choice of currencies.

Cloud Finance

No upfront payments, discounted future pricing fixed for up to 3 years, with all costs paid in the right month to keep cloud cost accounting simple.

Price Risk Mitigation

Prices may or may not fall in the future, presenting a risk to your business. We understand these risks and can help you mitigate them.

Cloud Savings

We can help you access savings as high as 50%, if you currently pay on-demand, with no need to prepay, and without the complicated cost accounting.

Cloud Options by Strategic Blue

Want to optimize your cloud procurement?
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Who uses Cloud Options?


On-Demand is the most expensive way of buying cloud.  Prepaid cloud pricing, like AWS’ Reserved Instances, complicates accounting for your cloud spend, and has poor cashflow.  Cloud Options provides billing, financing and reporting solutions tailored for your needs.


Does cashflow stop you from prepaying for a huge discount? Do you want to buy Reserved Instances, but don’t want your costs to misalign with your usage? Strategic Blue offer tailored financing of Reserved Instances and other cloud prepayments.


If you buy on-demand, you risk missing out on savings from Reserved Instances. But if you buy Reserved Instances, what happens if on-demand prices fall? There is risk either way. Strategic Blue can help you make sense of this and design the optimal pricing structure with our Cloud Options service.


Is your use of Public Cloud really complicated? Do you suspect that savings could be found, if only the billing and pricing could be untangled? We offer full price auditing of your current AWS infrastructure to identify cost savings.

Use Cases


Spends $5k to $80k per month on AWS, mainly EC2 & RDS.  Wants to reduce expensive On-Demand spend, but prefers not to prepay for Reserved Instances.  Willing to pay AWS through Strategic Blue.


Spending $30k to $300k+ on Amazon Web Services, and wants to know if cloud procurement is optimal. May prefer to continue paying AWS direct, but may also still wish to access finance.


Using AWS and other IaaS clouds, with significant technical flexibility. Sees Cloud as a Commodity and is looking for help in monetizing investment in provisioning flexibility.