Cloud Experts

Strategic Blue's Cloud Experts bring world-leading expertise in cloud billing, pricing and risk management, leveraging approaches from the traded commodity markets.

Technical Cloud Experts

Frank Contrepois

VP Technical Sales & Cloud Expert

Frank leads our Cloud Experts team and runs the technical side of our Blue Reviews. He is a professional level AWS-certified Solutions Architect and DevOps.

Strategic Blue Cloud Architect - Mark Craddock

Mark Craddock

Cloud Expert

Mark is a leader in Cloud Transformation with working primarily at CXO level. He has extensive experience in Public Sector, taking a leading role in G-Cloud in the UK. If you are thinking about cloud readiness, Mark is the best port of call.

Strategic Blue Cloud Architect - Michel Drescher

Michel Drescher

Cloud Expert

Michel is a senior researcher at Oxford University’s e-Research Centre and cloud strategist with 25+ years’ experience in IT and cloud. He focuses on Customer Experience (CX) engineering and FITSM for enterprise users.

Strategic Blue Cloud Architect - Jonathan Crawford

Jonathan Crawford

Cloud Expert

Jonathan focuses on security and systems architecture with extensive experience in Telecoms, Utilities, Public Sector and Financial Services. A Certified AWS Solutions Architect, Jonathan is on hand to assist clients.

Paul Wilson

Cloud Expert & CTO

Paul leads our technology development team, oversees the management of our risk exposure and reviews the data science behind Pricing Insights. His background is in tech development at a leading actuarial software vendor.  He holds an MSci in Physics from Imperial College.


Cloud Expert

If you are a Certified AWS or Azure Systems/Solutions Architect, get in touch with us to see if you’d be a good fit for our professional services team.

Strategy & Risk Management Cloud Experts

Dr James Mitchell

CEO & Co-Founder

James believes cloud computing can learn lessons from traded commodity markets, comparing it to a hybrid of electricity and coal. Formerly at Morgan Stanley, he holds a doctorate in DNA Nanostructures from Oxford, and an M.Sci. in Physics from Cambridge.

Mike Smith - COO

Mike Smith


Mike has 35 years of experience in the oil & gas and marine renewables sectors, holding corporate accountability through director and executive roles. His values have shaped Strategic Blue as a responsible, transparent and high performing team.

John Woodley

Board Advisor & Co-Founder

John is a leading authority on commodity market development and the pricing of non-standard pseudo-commodity products. Formerly Co-Head of Power, Gas and Related Utilities at Morgan Stanley, he brings highly relevant experience to our strategic development.

Dr Sam Kingston

Board Advisor (Technical)

Sam has held senior management roles at SAIC, Oracle, EDS, Unisys and Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems International) across EMEA and the US. A former CIO for East Midlands Electricity, Sam also has a PhD in Chemistry.

Chris Collings

Board Advisor

Chris has held senior management roles at Deutsche Bank, including Global Head of Strategic FX Structuring. He brings expertise encompassing corporate finance, FX, treasury, environmental financial products and commodities.

Rich Miller

Board Advisor (Technical)

Rich Miller is a respected authority on cloud computing in Silicon Valley, advising major cloud providers and innovative startups on both the technical and financial side of cloud innovation.