Pricing Insights

Demistify cloud pricing trends and benchmark your cloud pricing

Pricing History

Our pricing database contains approaching 1 million price points for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and other IaaS clouds.


We’ve deconstructed pricing from leading cloud IaaS providers, allowing us to create a pricing history for your required performance-adjusted benchmark.

Pricing Audit

We have the pricing database and systems to audit your historical AWS invoices.

Tailored Insights

Our platinum subscribers can influence our roadmap, so that we prioritise pioneering cloud pricing analysis on what matters most to them.

Pricing Insights by Strategic Blue

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Tangible Solutions

Moore's Law sets Price of Cloud

People say the price of cloud is dropping because of Moore’s Law. Well, not according to our quantitative analysis of AWS’ EC2 pricing history.

AWS RIs always cheaper than On Demand

Ever wondered whether you made the right decision buying those Reserved Instances 3 years ago?

GCE Sustained Usage vs AWS RIs

We can help you compare and contrast different cloud pricing models to help you find the optimal pricing for you.

Predicting the Future Price of Cloud

We created Pricing Insights in order to estimate our financial exposure to changes in the future price of cloud from our Cloud Options service.

Use Cases

Pricing Insights is useful for anyone making price-related decisions for cloud services, across IaaS and PaaS, public, hybrid or private.

Cloud Buyers

Everyone knows there is a cloud price war, but exactly how fast are prices really dropping, and can we expect that to continue? Cloud buyers need to know this before making large pre-purchases.

Cloud Providers

Are you in a cloud price war with competing providers? Use Pricing Insights to keep abreast of changes in competitor cloud pricing.

Cloud Resellers

As a cloud reseller, understanding the future price of cloud is crucial for your profitability. You can leverage our Pricing Insights to optimize profitability and manage your cloud pricing risk.

Cloud Traders

Pricing Insights is the crucial source of information for any hedge fund looking to get exposure to this nascent commodity market.